Peach Selenite Hardware Silver  Necklace

Peach Selenite Hardware Silver Necklace

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Cleanse- Purify- Transformation 

With known metaphysical and spiritual properties, Selenite is related to higher consciousness, purity, peace, and often provides assistance for astral projection and meditation. Known as the Satin Spar, this crystal is an essential light-bringing element, with healing properties that help reach higher planes.

Connecting to the crown, third eye and sacral chakras, Selenite promotes honesty and purity, clears energy blockages, and allows energy fluidity. Its ability to align the chakras helps provide balance, raising awareness of the mind and spirit to a higher plane. It is the perfect stone for connecting with your guardian angels or spirit guides.


Cleansing: Use to cleanse and recharge your self or space. Its spiritual vibrations help to remove negative energies.

Cleanse and Recharge other Crystals: Simply place with other crystals overnight to aid in cleansing and charging them.

NOTE: Selenite is a soft mineral and should be kept dry.