Tourmaline Harmonizer pair

Tourmaline Harmonizer pair

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Cylinder measures approx 4" tall by 1.5 wide

-this pair is perfect for Emf protection! Ive personally used a Emf reader with Tourmaline and watched it calm  the energy ! L


The highly protective Black Tourmaline purifies, cleanses, and transmutes compact energy to a lighter vibration. It also helps to drain a person or place of negative energy, and replace fear with a heightened sense of self-confidence. Great for grounding, this popular metaphysical stone harmonizes, protects, and balances all the chakras, helping you

Use this stone for protection against noise sensitivity, radiation, electromagnetic smog, and other energetic disturbances. The Black Tourmaline strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, is excellent for body layouts.


Crystal harmonizer ( Cylinder shape intensified energy )

Harmonizers have been used for centuries to correct the balance between the Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang) energies .


Can be used for meditation, quick recharge. - if using different stones, hold yin in left hand and Yang in right hand to create harmony in the body .


Altar, office protection, car , they can fit anywhere :)